All Sessions include the following:

EXTRA INDIVIDUAL FILES: May be purchased for an additional $12 per image.
TRAVEL FEES: I have had the opportunity to shoot in Colorado, California, Indiana, Georgia, Kentucky, Washington D.C. and all over Texas. I LOVE to travel. If your session is outside of Austin a travel fee may need to be applied. You can contact me for more information. I often waive travel fees if you share my work and help schedule friends and/or family for the same trip.
CUSTOM PACKAGES: If you do not feel there is a package listed that fits your needs please contact me.

A regular session is UP TO 90 min. I often have people say "they need more images than what they get with a mini {10 images} but the regular session is too long, their kiddos {Or hubby ;) } won’t last that long" - It doesn't have to take 90 min I can capture a lot in a short amount of time. BUT I DO LIKE to have adequate time to get to know you and really capture the moments when everyone is most relaxed and that can take some time. Choosing a full session gives you the advantage of getting more images included which means more memories captured forever.

I use an online gallery for all of my clients. To make the process as smooth as possible. Every client has a personal, password protected gallery. There are many benefits to this and one of my favorites is that your images are PROTECTED INDEFINITELY. If you should have a fire, flood, your computer crashes, you lose the jump/flash drive or external hard drive where you save your images you will still be able to access your images for quite some time just by logging into this gallery. The link can easily be shared with friends and family. I also love this form of sharing images because you get them right away, no need to wait or trust the post office. You don’t have to worry about equipment failure or getting lost. Computers are also being made now without CD-ROM and USB ports. The hope is to make the process for you easy and safe.

You get ALL rights to print when and where you want. I can help you with suggestions for great online printing labs to get the best quality prints but it is up to you where you decide to order your prints.


30 minutes
1 individual
8 images
(extra touch ups on these)



Up to 30 minutes
10 images ( color only )
Only available in my hometown unless otherwise agreed upon.



Up to 90 minutes
Up to 50 images
Edited in color 

Includes ONE individual family if you would like to include grandparents and extra family members check out my LARGE FAMILY SESSION package



90 minutes
Up to 50 images

Edited in color 
Several arranged group shots
Individual shots
A variation of group shots and backgrounds/locations



2 hours
Unlimited images
Edited in color 
Multiple locations (within reasonable distance)



3 hour session
Edited in Color 
This session usually has 50-100 images included

NEWBORN sessions take into account stopping for unplanned EXTRA baby feedings, diaper changes, fussy baby etc. Your newborn might be on a great schedule but it never fails when the photographer comes with a camera they forget everything they have already learned. In my experience over the years it takes every bit of 3 hours to fully capture a newborn session. Super content babies often become cranky. Babies who are going long stretches between feedings often want a meal each time they are disturbed. If you just want a few images in a lifestyle format you might be able to get away with a regular session, but if you want a lot documented I highly recommend this choice! 



90 minute MATERNITY session
NEWBORN session up to 3 hours
Full resolution images


{ $800 value }
Location will typically be in your home. Unless you would like to schedule your "newborn" session when your little one has gotten a little older.







Up to 1900 $90.00
2000 - 3500 $125.00
3600 - 5500 $175.00
Over 5501 $250.00


Extra yard/acreage add $50
Second trip charge $50